Surrey Artist of the Year 2021

Presentation Evening

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.   Life is about creating yourself.”   George Bernard Shaw

I am absolutely thrilled to have been awarded the runner-up position for the 2021 Surrey Artist of the Year along with Sophie Artemiss who creates beautiful pop-up books. Sophie’s doing a limited edition run at the moment, so have a peek! (@sophie.artemis). Massive congratulations go to the deserving winner, Jessica Stroud who uses traditional stained glass working techniques , dating back to the 7th Century, but which are sadly dying out. Hopefully, the publicity which will regale her will encourage others to come on board; or at least to take interest. She is appalled that Sheffield, the only University offering a stain glass course had to close the course down this year because only two students applied. Preserving our heritage and its associated skills is so important.

I am so proud to have achieved so much in the short time I have been painting. Thanks to all those who supported me, the New Ashgate Team (@newashgate) for the opportunity, and especially to the Independent panel: Cllr. Alan Earwaker, the Mayor of Farnham, Caitlin Heffernan ( Surrey Artists Open Studios) and Tina Newton (Surrey Life Magazine) for making the final selection.

Note my favourite protea flower (the National flower of South Africa) in the bouquet. Because of the fascinating myth that it comes with and its one of a kind charm, the Protea flower is known to symbolise a beauty that stands out, embracing uniqueness and diversity, and also the boldness to create and accept inevitable changes. All bodes well! Happy Days!!!