Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year

“The only journey is the journey within”. Rainer Maria Rilke

Yet another well kept secret in the eventful Linney 2020 archives, but not as exciting as the December entry. I can now reveal that I was selected as Reserve for the pods in tonight’s first Heat of “Landscape Artist of the Year.”

Miss James’s Walk – My entry that caught the judges eye

All the contestants turned up so, to my relief, I wasn’t needed, as the reality had made me very anxious for days!

This meant I could participate as a Wild Card. There are so many Wild cards who participate in each heat, that it may be the one time being Black, but short, may serve as an advantage for a “Where’s Wally” moment in tonight’s episode!

All said, it was a huge privilege to have been selected, considering the number of applications. And I submitted my application with five minutes to spare before the midnight deadline, whilst downing Malbec by the glass!!

The whole day was an amazing but challenging experience!